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Notes for object NGC 2960

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1. 2003ApJS..146..249B
Re:Mrk 1419
5.7. Mrk 1419
Henkel et al. (2002) report the discovery of a triply peaked H_2_O
maser toward the nucleus of Mrk 1419. The authors find that the maser
source has properties similar to those seen in NGC 4258, including an
acceleration in the "systemic" masers (2.8 +/- 0.5 km s^-1^ yr^-1^)
and no acceleration in the "high-velocity" lines. In Figure 2 we
present a sensitive spectrum of Mrk 1419 taken with the GBT in 2002
April. No features were detected outside of the velocity range
reported by Henkel et al. (2002).

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