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Notes for object NGC 2024

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1. 1918PLicO..13....9C
Re:NGC 2024
This is one of the most wonderful regions of the sky; it is too large to be
recorded on a single Crossley plate, but the portion involving I 434 and 2023 is
reproduced in figure 5. At the north, beyond the edge of the illustration, is
{xi} Orionis, to the east of which lies the beautiful mass of diffuse
nebulosity, 2024. This is shown in Vol. VIII, Plate 13; it covers an area about
20' x 16'; shows a wealth of structural detail, and is divided into two
irregular masses by a wide, irregular, dark lane. I 434 is a line of rather
faint diffuse nebulosity extending for fully 60' south from {xi} Orionis, in
p.a. about 175^deg^; it bends somewhat to the east at a point about 10' s. of
{xi} and the halation effects about the bright star make it difficult to say
whether the ray actually reaches {xi}. On the west of the ray is very faint
nebulosity and numerous faint stars; to the east of it practically none. 2023 is
a mass of bright, irregular, diffuse nebulosity about 6' x 4', smrounding a star
of magn. 9; it shows a number of sinuous dark lanes, of which one on the eastern
side is very clear-cut, and suggests absorbing matter. Further east is I 435, a
similar, but smaller and somewhat fainter mass of diffuse nebulosity, 3' in
diameter, surrounding a star of magn. 8.5. But the most remarkable feature of
the region is a dark bay which juts into and bifurcates I 434 at a point about
30' s. of {xi}. This is 5' wide and 4' deep, like an ink- blot except for a
faint wisp in its northern portion, and as clear-cut and sharp as a
knife-scratch on its western and southern edges; a beautiful example of a "dark
nebula." 0 s.n.

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