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Notes for object [HB89] 0849+120

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1. 1999AJ....117.1109H
Re:[HB89] 0849+120
This QSO is faint at mv = 20.5 and is radio-quiet. It lies in a field
with several other objects with a wide range of brightness and size.
Only two of these are likely to be associated with the QSO (see Fig. 8
and Table 7); the others are too bright and/or too large.
The closest companion (No. 1) lies about 5" to the north and slightly
east, and in the K-band image there may be a faint connecting luminous
bridge between it and the QSO. However, this bridge is not seen in the H
band, and there are comparable sky background fluctuations. The QSO
itself is not measurably extended.

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