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Notes for object NGC 1260

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1. 2008A&A...488..523H
Re:NGC 1260
This galaxy with radial velocity of 5753 km s^01^ belongs to the Perseus cluster
(A426) and forms an interacting pair with the close neighbor PGC 12230 ( V_r_ =
5957 km s^-1^). ASC reports for this galaxy the S0: classification compatible
with that reported by NED (S0/a:). Early type morphology SB/SB0 ({tau} = -1, L+
or S0+_) is reported also Huchra et al. (1999) while according to Andreon et al.
(1997) the morphological structure of this galaxy is similar to SA0 type objects
with high amount of dust content in its inner part. An higher resolution and
sensitivity morphological study of this galaxy by Meusinger et al. (2000) has
shown weak indications of an outer spiral and bar structure. The presence of a
short bar and a weak spiral arm structure in this galaxy is confirmed with our
imagery study. We prefer to classify this galaxy as Sa type spiral. The
discovery of SN2006gy very close to the nuclear region prompted very high
resolution imaging of the parent galaxy in the optical (Fig. 3 of Ofek et al.
2007) and NIR (Smith et al. 2007). The resulting inner structure of the galaxy
is that of an early type galaxy with Sersic profile index 3.7 (Ofek et al.
2007). Nevertheless, the presence of a consistent dust lane and extended
H{alpha} emission (Smith et al. 2007) are a clear evidence of ongoing star
formation. SN2006gy is unique in many respects and it is the brightest SN ever
observed (Ofek et al. 2007; Smith et al. 2007; Agnoletto et al. 2008, in
preparation). Although the mechanism responsible for such explosion is still
debated (Woosley et al. 2007; Ofek et al. 2007; Smith et al. 2007; Agnoletto et
al. 2008) there is a general consensus that the progenitor was very massive (M >
40 M_sun_).

2. 2000A&A...363..933M
Re:ABELL 0426:[BM99] 140
140 In the PGC, this galaxy is classified as "L". We found weak
indications for outer spiral structure. Both the profile and the isophote
analysis indicate a bar. There is a faint light bridge towards the
ringed galaxy 147 (distance 1', {DELTA}B = 2, {DELTA}v ~ 300 km s^-1^).

3. 1976RC2...C...0000d
Re:NGC 1260
= MCG +07-07-047
In the Perseus Cluster

4. 1973UGC...C...0000N
Re:UGC 02634
Perseus cluster
Identified as NGC 1259 in MCG, but NGC 1259 is probably a galaxy at 2.2
See UGC 02626
5 companions inside 5.0
May be interacting with companion at 1.0, 68, 0.7 x 0.3

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