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Reference(s) for object NGC 4594:[BAZ97] 1-42

4 reference(s) found in NED.

1. 2010MNRAS.401.1965H Harris, Wlliam ... Diamonds on the Hat: globular clusters in the Sombrero galaxy (M104)
2. 2008MNRAS.389.1150S Spitler, Lee R.... Extending the baseline: Spitzer mid-infrared photometry of globular cluster syst...
3. 2006AJ....132.1593S Spitler, Lee R.... Hubble Space Telescope ACS Wide-Field Photometry of the Sombrero Galaxy Globular...
4. 1997MNRAS.284..376B Bridges, T. J.,... Kinematics and metallicities of globular clusters in M104

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