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Copyright by Royal Astronomical Society. 1986MNRAS.221.1023K Review of galactic constants Kerr, F. J.; Lynden-Bell, D. Abstract. Whereas the 1964 IAU standard values of the constants R_0_ = 10 kpc, {theta}_0_ = 250 km s^-1^, A = 15 km s^-1^kpc^-1^, and B = -10 km s^-1^kpc^-1^, differ from those currently considered best, the errors of current determinations are still rather large. Although the means of recent determinations lead to a fairly consistent set of values for the four main constants, the agreement may be largely coincidental. However, a case can be made for agreeing on the pair of standard values R_0_ = 8.5 kpc and {theta}_0_ = 220 km s^-1^. On the basis of this review these were adopted by resolution of IAU Commission 33 on 1985 November 21 at Delhi. Key words: ASTROPHYSICS, CONSTANTS, MILKY WAY GALAXY, GALACTIC ROTATION, MASS DISTRIBUTION, OORT CLOUD, RADIAL VELOCITY, STELLAR MOTIONS, SUN, VARIABLE STARS
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