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Copyright by American Astronomical Society. Reproduced by permission
1996ApJ...473..576F The Cosmic Microwave Background Spectrum from the Full COBE FIRAS Data Set D. J. Fixsen, E. S. Cheng, J. M. Gales, J. C. Mather, R. A. Shafer, and E. L. Wright We have refined the analysis of the data from the FIRAS (Far-InfraRed Absolute Spectrophotometer) on board the COBE (COsmic Background Explorer). The FIRAS measures the difference between the cosmic microwave background and a precise blackbody spectrum. We find new, tighter upper limits on general deviations from a blackbody spectrum. The rms deviations are less than 50 parts per million of the peak of the cosmic microwave background radiation. For the Comptonization and chemical potential, we find |y|<15x10^-6^ and |{muu}|<9x10^-5^ (95% confidence level [CL]). There are also refinements in the absolute temperature, 2.728+/-0.004 K (95% CL), the dipole direction, (l, b)=(264.14deg +/-0.30, 48.26deg +/-0.30) (95% CL), and the amplitude, 3.372+/-0.014 mK (95% CL). All of these results agree with our previous publications. Subject headings : cosmic microwave background -- cosmology: observations
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