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Distance Results for NGC 2893

2 Distances found in NED

Computed Summary Statistics

NOTE: These summary statistics are provided for "quick-look" reference only;
they are based exclusively on original values, as published.
No homogenization or corrections have been applied.

NGC 2893 Distance Modulus
Metric Distance
Mean 32.89 40.150
Std. Dev. 1.06 18.880
Min. 32.14 26.800
Max. 33.64 53.500
Median 32.89 40.150

Individually Referenced Moduli and Distances for NGC 2893 (as published)

(m-M) err(m-M) D(Mpc) Method REFCODE Notes SN Name Redshift H0 (km/s/Mpc) Adopted LMC modulus
33.64 53.500 Tully-Fisher 1984A&AS...56..381B Diameter 103
32.14 0.80 26.800 Tully est 1988NBGC.C....0000T B 75

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