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3.1. Preprints and papers

Currently one of the best ways to stay up to date on what is being submitted is to consult the ApJ's yellow pages. This is a reactive activity. It is easier to receive a daily message from the preprint database at the Los Alamos National Laboratory ( It is important to remember though that the documents in the database were not yet refereed and they are just preprint which will be subjected (sometimes) to major reviews. The archive has several mirrors and it is best to select the one which is closest for document retrieval.

Actual papers can be obtained from NASA's Astrophysical Data Service, ADS (at and its mirror sites in France ( and Japan (
Personal and institutional subscribers to the ApJ can read on-line or download accepted papers= ( The list of the papers submitted to several journals, what used to be called the astronomical yellow pages can be read on-line ( To complete the electronic library, Astronomy and Astrophysics main journal papers ( and in the supplement series ( are also on-line.

Planetary science papers in Icarus ( are also available on-line

Pages with references and documents in Spanish can be found at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid node ( or reading the electronic journal Astronomía Latino Americana (

Articles of interest to amateurs are available in the on-line version of Sky and Telescope (, Astronomy magazine ( or the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (

Nature also publishes an electronic edition (