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3.11. Leda

The Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic Data Base, LEDA (telnet leda.univ; login: leda) includes on-line versions of the Principal Galaxies Catalog (more than 73,000 objects), the Third Reference Catalog of Bright Galaxies (more than 23,000 objects), HI catalogs and the Catalog of individual optical velocity measurements (OVC). Around 70 parameters are included for each of the more then 95,000 objects. Among them, the position, flux at different wavelength and colors, redshift or radial velocity and surface brightness. The references for all listed measurements are also included. All the parameters are listed in a homogeneous way, calculations are made only from accepted models.

Images of many of the galaxies can be retrieved as well as a map of the region listing all the objects with their PGC number. The output figures can be drawn with or without the stars in the field.

A query can be made by e-mail to if the list of objects is long.