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Since the beginning of the Hubble Space Telescope project, an archive of
its data was envisioned. In this way the astronomical community was able to immediately access these invaluable observations.

The Hubble Data Archive (HDA) (10) consists of:

The HDA includes, besides the observations obtained with past and present instruments on board HST several other astronomical catalogs (like the HD, SAO, PKS, IRAS, RC3 and UGC, for example). It also has the VLA radio maps obtained with FIRST, Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-cm, the Digitized Sky Survey images (obtained from the scanning of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey XE plates and the ESO-SERC Southern Sky Survey (see description in these notes), the second epoch plates of POSS. Finally, the reduced FOS spectra obtained as part of the QSO absorption line HST key project are also inlcuded The Multimission Archive at STScI is also available through the HDA page.

10 Based on documentation produced by STScI's data Archive Branch. A more detailed description can be found on-line.