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2.The Main Sequence O4 - O9
3.Wolf-Rayet Stars
4.Luminosity Effects at O7
5.Luminosity Effects at O9
6.The Main Sequence O9 - B5
7.Luminosity Effects at B1
8.Helium-Strong B-Type Stars
9.Helium-Weak B-Type Stars
10.Luminosity Effects at B5
11.The Main Sequence B5 - A5
12.Luminosity Effects at A0
13.Peculiar Stars Near A0
14.The lambda Boötis Stars
15.Metallic-Line A-Type Stars
16.Herbig Ae (Emission-Line) Stars
17.The Main Sequence A5 - G0
18.Luminosity Effects at F0
19.Luminosity Effects at F5
20.Metal-Weak F-Type Stars
21.Main Sequence G0 - K5
22.Luminosity Effects at G0
23.Luminosity Effects at G8
24.Main Sequence K5 - M4.5
25.Luminosity Effects at M2
26.An M-Giant Temperature Sequence
27.Giants with Unusual G-Band and Cn-Band Strengths
28.More lAte G-Giants with Abundance Peculiarities
29.Emission Lines in Mira Variable Stars
30.Two Carbon Stars
31.Two S-Type Stars
32.Unusual Stellar Spectra I: The Spectra of Three Highly Evolved Stars
33.Unusual Stellar Spectra II: A Helium-Rich O Subdwarf
34.Unusual Stellar Spectra III: Two Emission-Line Stars
35.Unusual Stellar Spectra IV: Three Bright Supernovae of 1998