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In cosmology (or to be more specific, cosmography, the measurement of the Universe) there are many ways to specify the distance between two points, because in the expanding Universe, the distances between comoving objects are constantly changing, and Earth-bound observers look back in time as they look out in distance. The unifying aspect is that all distance measures somehow measure the separation between events on radial null trajectories, ie, trajectories of photons which terminate at the observer.

In this note, formulae for many different cosmological distance measures are provided. I treat the concept of ``distance measure'' very liberally, so, for instance, the lookback time and comoving volume are both considered distance measures. The bibliography of source material can be consulted for many of the derivations; this is merely a ``cheat sheet.'' C routines (KR) which compute all of these distance measures are available from the author upon request. Comments and corrections are highly appreciated, as are acknowledgments in research that makes use of this summary or code.