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To aid in learning the classifications, the types assigned by Hubble, Sandage, Holmberg, de Vaucouleurs, van den Bergh, and Morgan to galaxies illustrated in this chapter are listed in table 2. The illustrated examples are insufficient to show all complications, and reference should be made to various classification catalogs, supplemented by published photographs. Some of the more extensive classification lists are: (1) Pettit (1954) and the Hubble Atlas for the modified Hubble system, (2) Holmberg (1958), (3) de Vaucouleurs (1963b), (4) van den Bergh (1959, 1960a, b, c), and (5) Morgan (1958, 1959). (6)


NGC Hubble Holmberg de Vaucouleurs van den Bergh Morgan

Thin Multiple-Armed Spirals (Plate II)

5273 S02/Sa(s) - SA(s)00 E 1(p?) gKD2
1302 Sa - (R)SB(r)o/a S(B)a kB1
2811 Sa - SB(rs)a Sb+ II-III -
3898 Sa - SA(s)ab Sb- II kD5-KS5
2841 Sb Sb- SA(r:)b Sb- I kS5
488 Sb Sb- SA(r)b Sb- I kS2
Thin Multiple-Armed Spirals (Plate III)
5055 Sb Sb+ SA(rs)bc Sb+II gS4
628 Sc Sc- SA(s)c Sc I fgS1
5457 Sc Sc- SAB(rs)cd Sc I fS1
3810 Sc Sc- SA(rs)c Sc I fS3
6643 Sc Sc- SA(rs)c Sc I-II -
5204 Sc/Irr Sc+ SA(s)m Ir+ IV fI-fS4

Massive-Armed Spirals Plate IV

4293 Sa - RSB(s)o/a Pec fg:S6
4569 Sb Sb+ SAB(rs)ab Sb+n fS4p
3623 Sa Sa SAB(rs)a Sbn II: gS5
6814 Sb - SAB(rs)bc Sb+ I -
5248 Sc Sc- SAB(rs)bc Sc I fS4
5194 Sc Sc- SA(s)bcp Sc(t) I fS1
157 Sc Sc- SA(rs)bc Sc(*)I afS3
598 Sc Sc+ SA(s)cd Sc II-III fS3

Ordinary-Barred Transitions Plate V

4579 Sb/SBb Sb- SAB(rs)b Sbn gk S3-gKB
3504 SBb(s)/Sb - SAB(s)ab Sb(t?) fg B1?
6951 SBb(s)Sb Sb+ SAB(rs)bc Sbp I-II f:S1p-f:BpN
5236 Sc/SBb - SAB(s)c - fgS1
4088 SBc/Sc Sc- SAB(s)bc Sc* I-II a:B:4
925 Sc/SBc Sc+ SAB(s)d S(B)c II-III afB

Barred Spirals r and s Types Plate VI

7743 SBa(s) - (R?)SB(s)0+ Sa? gkB1
3185 SBa(s) Sa (R)SB(r)a S(B)b+ III fB
1300 SBb(s) Sb+ SB(rs)bc SBb I fB2
7741 SBc(s) Sc+ SB(s)cd SBc II afB
4643 SB03/SBa(r) - SB(rs)o/a SBa kB
1398 SBb(r) - (R')SB(r)ab S(B)b- I kB2
2523 SBb(r) - SB(r)bc SBb- I fgB
1073 SBc(sr) Sc+ SB(rs)c S(B)c II afB1

Magellanic Cloud and Irregular Types Plate VII

4395 Sc/Irr Sc+ Sa(s:)m S+ IV-V aS1
SMC Irr - IB(s)mp III-IV -
LMC Irr - SB(s)m Ir IV-V -
Hol II Irr Ir I Im Ir IV-V -
2366 Irr Ir I dIB(s)m Ir IV-V aL?
IC 2574 Irr Ir I SAB(s)m Ir IV-V -

6 Recall that Holmberg does not separate the ordinary and barred spirals and thqat van den Bergh does not distinguish E, S0, and edge-on spirals (spindles) because of the burned-out nature of the Sky Survey prints. Back.

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