Invited Review at the IAU Symposium 355: "The Realm of the Low Surface Brightness Universe". To appear in the Proceedings of IAU Symposium No. 355 "The Realm of the Low-Surface-Brightness Universe", 2020, Eds. D. Valls-Gabaud, I. Trujillo & S. Okamoto.


David Martínez-Delgado

Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, University of Heidelberg,
Mönchhofst. 12-14, DE-69120, Heidelberg, Germany

Abstract: Amateur small equipment has demonstrated to be competitive tools to obtain ultra-deep imaging of the outskirts of nearby massive galaxies and to survey vast areas of the sky with unprecedented depth. Over the last decade, amateur data have revealed, in many cases for the first time, an assortment of large-scale tidal structures around nearby massive galaxies and have detected hitherto unknown low surface brightness systems in the local Universe that were not detected so far by means of resolved stellar populations or Hi surveys. In the Local Group, low-resolution deep images of the Magellanic Clouds with telephoto lenses have found some shell-like features, interpreted as imprints of a recent LMC-SMC interaction. I this review, I discuss these highlights and other important results obtained so far in this new type of collaboration between high-class astrophotographers and professional astronomers in the research topic of galaxy formation and evolution.

Keywords : galaxies:general, galaxies:dwarf, galaxies:halos, telescopes

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