Selected Astronomical Catalogues
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Extragalactic Catalogues Maintained by Harold G. Corwin, Jr.

The copies of

  • The Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies, by G. de Vaucouleurs, A. de Vaucouleurs, H.G. Corwin, R.J. Buta, G. Paturel, and P. Fouqué
  • A Catalogue of Rich Clusters of Galaxies, by G.O. Abell, H.G. Corwin, and R.P. Olowin,
  • A Southern Galaxy Catalogue by H.G. Corwin, A. de Vaucouleurs, and G. de Vaucouleurs,
  • found here are corrected versions of the published catalogues. Though all three are available as printed and bound books, the electronic versions are preferred for reference as all known errata occuring in the printed versions have been corrected. Please let me know if you find any further errors.

    Brief explanations of the data are also available electronically; the full introductions with figures, tables, and references are only available in the printed versions.

    A final version (1.4.3) of

  • A South-Equatorial Galaxy Catalogue by Harold G. Corwin, Jr. and Brian A. Skiff.
  • is now available. This has accurate positions, diameters, position angles, and de Vaucouleurs revised Hubble-Sandage (VRHS) types for 3333 single or multiple galaxies in the south-equatorial declination zones between +3 degrees and -21 degrees. The data were gleaned from POSS1 103a-O copy plates, then checked against the UKST IIIa-J portion of the DSS. The corrected position angles and VRHS types are published here in full for the first time. Notes on the individual objects are also available. SEGC provides a finding list for galaxies generally larger than about 1.8 arcmin at the 25.0 B-mag arcsec^-2 in the south-equatorial zone.

    All of these catalogues are freely accessible; I and my coauthors ask only a reference and/or an acknowledgment if you use data from them.

    The de Vaucouleurs Atlas of Galaxies

    The de Vaucouleurs Atlas of Galaxies by Ronald J. Buta, Harold G. Corwin, Jr., and Stephen C. Odewahn was published in 2007 by Cambridge University Press. It illustrates the classification of galaxies in the de Vaucouleurs revised Hubble-Sandage system with over 500 calibrated digital images of nearby galaxies. It also has an extended introduction presenting our latest understanding of how physical processes shape galaxies and drive their evolution.


    Current versions of my NGC/IC position and notes files are available here. Check back now and then for updates.

    Links to Useful Web Sites

    Most of these Web sites are devoted to astronomical cataloguing and data distribution. The final one on the list is a link to one of the many Linux Web sites.
  • NED -- NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
  • SkyView, a Virtual Observatory on the Web
  • The NASA Astrophysics Data System
  • MAST -- The Space Telescope Science Institute HST Data Archive
  • The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
  • The ESO/ST-ECF Science Archive Facility
  • The NGC/IC Project
  • Wolfgang Steinicke's Home Page, a fine example of the many amateur astronomy pages on the Web, with links to several others
  • Wolfgang Steinicke's biographical information for the NGC/IC observers
  • Miscellaneous Files
  • Creative Commons

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