Welcome to the new face of NED!   (June 2018)

The original web interface is being phased out and replaced with this modern, streamlined approach that simplifies and consolidates query forms, and provides interactive tables with linked graphics in the results. Featured upgrades in this release:

  • A single input box (above) lets you search by entering an object name, an object name or coordinates with a search radius, or a reference code. Image searches are also supported.
  • Single-object query results have been redesigned:
    • A new Overview page summarizes key quantities
    • Detailed data are presented in tabs
    • IPAC Firefly toolkit provides interactive tables and graphics
    • Updated documentation (See Information)
  • New forms for the calculators (See Tools)
  • References link to the new ADS interface
  • New VO API to query the NED Object Directory using TAP

For additional information and known issues, see Information→Overview→News. We welcome your feedback.