July 2018 Release News

  • The all-sky 2MASS Point Source Catalog has been cross-matched with NED. The result of cross-matching all 471 million sources is now available; 57 million sources (12%) match with prior NED objects, and their J, H, and Ks photometric measurements have been merged into SEDs.
  • 47 million objects from additional catalogs and journal articles have been cross-identified.
  • 1.2 million object links to 3,248 new references added
  • 1,064 spectra and 84 images contributed by authors
  • For more information see Release Notes and Holdings.

The new face of NED!

We continue to update this modern, streamlined interface that simplifies and consolidates query forms and provides interactive tables with linked graphics. Key interface features are described here: June 2018 release.

For additional information and known issues, see Information→Overview→News. We welcome your feedback.