NED Batch Jobs

(Latest Revision: 25 February 2011)
Attention: Batch Forms have been updated. Please download the current version.

Introduction to NED Batch Jobs

NED can process requests for large amounts of data through its "Batch Job" option. Using this mode simply involves submitting to NED via email a "batch form" containing a list of objects or positions, or other parameters (redshift, object type, or name prefix). After the request has been processed, NED will send you a notice by return e-mail, and you may retrieve the files at Pick Up Batch Job Results.

There are two types of batch job forms available. You may use one form to search any of the main data categories in NED -- Objects, Basic Data, References, Photometry, Positions, and Redshifts -- and the second to constrain searches by Parameters -- positions, names, object types, and redshifts. The input forms are flexible enough that you may do several different searches with a single form. Though the batch processor will currently support only 3,000 input requests per job, it will return up to 10,000 objects per job.

The batch job queue is checked, and new entries run, every 15 minutes. Thus, you may usually retrieve your results via FTP soon after you submit your job. During times of heavy usage, large batch jobs may take longer to run. NED, however, will always send you a notice via email when your job has run and is ready to be picked up.

Complete information and template batch forms are available through the Interactive Interface or from the following list. Download any of these forms to a file using your browser's "File/Save As ..." option, then edit the form using your local editor.

Please be sure that your email submission follows these guidelines:
  • Be sure to include a SUBJECT LINE in your email, preferably NED Batch Form; submissions lacking a SUBJECT are likely to be trapped in the spam filter.
  • Be sure to use only flat (7-bit) ASCII characters.
  • Do not include HTML or XML formatting tags.
  • Be sure to include no more than 72 characters per line.
  • Be sure to put the form into the main body of the email message; attachments cannot currently be processed.

Your batch job will NOT run, or it will return error messages, if the email submission has high-bit characters, long lines, attachments, contains HTML-formatted, or contains a blank subject line.

Any of these templates may be used to submit batch jobs to The commented templates are longer, but contain detailed notes on filling out the batch forms.

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