NED's Coordinate and Galactic Extinction Calculator Output

(Latest Revision: 22 May 2012)


The first text block gives your input: coordinate system (Equatorial, Ecliptic, Galactic, Supergalactic) and equinox (if applicable), and the values you entered. The second block gives the output coordinates, again specifying the system and equinox (where applicable).

Galactic Extinction

The third text block gives the estimate of Galactic extinction using the Schlafly & Finkbeiner 2011 (ApJ 737, 103, 2011) recalibration of the Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis 1998 (ApJ 500, 525, 1998; SFD98) extinction map. The original SFD98 extinction values are also returned for comparison purposes. See this FAQ page for more information and cautions on interpreting and using these estimates.

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