NED Team

(Latest Revision: 3 December 2014)

The NED Team

Science, management, and administration: Joe Mazzarella, Barry Madore, George Helou
Source cross-identifications, associations, and data integration (catalogs and literature):
  Marion Schmitz, Kay Baker, Tracy Chen, Cren Frayer, Barry Madore
Interface: Jeff Jacobson, Olga Pevunova, Ben Chan
Images: Olga Pevunova, Barry Madore
Photometry and SEDs: Cren Frayer, Barry Madore
Spectra: Ben Chan, Olga Pevunova, Joe Mazzarella
Distances (methods other than redshift): Ian Steer, Barry Madore
Tools: Ben Chan, Tak Lo
LEVEL 5 Knowledgebase: Cren Frayer, Barry Madore
Documentation: Tracy Chen
Engineering & Architecture: Rick Ebert
Database Administration and Programming: Scott Terek, Tak Lo, Ben Chan, Jeff Jacobson

NED Alumni

Shubash Atreya, Judy Bennett, Michael Bicay, Marianne Brouty, Harold Corwin, Dario Fadda, Jimmy Jia,
Anne Kelly, Dong-Chan Kim, Sarita Kuhn, Cheryl LaGue, Patrick Ogle, Diana Schettini, Hongmin Sun, Xiuqin Wu


NED Help Desk


NED: 626-395-1873

or, if no answer,
IPAC Administration: 626-395-1802 or 626-395-1807, and leave a message.
FAX: 626-397-7018 or 626-397-7181

In writing

IPAC, MS 100-22
Pasadena, CA 91125-2200

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