Guide to NED Literature Search Results Pages

(Latest Revision: 8 May 2009)

This page displays the results of your search for literature references. The references are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first, presented as an HTML table formatted for easy reading by eye on your computer screen.

The reference lists returned by searches from the References by Object Name or References by Author Name may be formatted not only with HTML, but also with ASCII or XML output appropriate for parsing by computer scripts or programs.

The "HTML Table" version of the reference list contains

  1. A sequential reference number applicable to this list only,
  2. The standard reference code for the article, (year, journal, volume number, page number, and the initial of the first author's last name),
  3. The first 15 characters of the author list,
  4. The first 80 characters of the article's title.

Click on the reference code to view the author list and title for any reference, and the reference's abstract (for articles published in the major astronomical journals since 1988).

Due to database limitations, only the first 160 ASCII characters of the author list and article title can be searched for during a reference search. Long author lists and long titles are not completely displayed, and author searches will not return papers when the name is not included in the first 160 characters of the author list. Note however, that NED's abstracts include the full title and author list. Click on the reference code to see these.

If the reference list has more entries than you expected, it may be the result of your having done a search with the "Related object name search?" set to "Yes". These searches will return references, for example, not only for "NGC 4321", but also "NGC 4321:[IPA98] H02", "NGC 4321:SN 1901B", and hundreds of other objects related to the galaxy "NGC 4321". If you want only the references for "NGC 4321" itself, be sure that the "Related object name search?" is set to "No", the default.

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