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Table 1 (remarks)

No. Remarks

174 Smaller galaxy very condensed.
175 Can see connection only 2/3 way to SE galaxy. (18)(44)
176 Companion galaxy very condensed.
177 Very small plume comes off comp. galaxy opposite larger.
178 Ring off center, broad ejected plume from condensation in ring.
179 Condensed offset center.
180 South arm kinks back, thin filament connects nuclei.
181 Long faint filament extends westward from south arm.
182 Long straight, very faint filament like bow wave from comp.
183 Three faint patches constitute third arm or filament.
184 Two long straight arms or filaments tangent to NE side of galaxy.
185 Condensed nucleus. Faint outer arms less curved than inner arms.
186 Radio source M04-012 is 44sW, 3' S; 3C121 is 38s W, 17' S.
187 Radio source M05-10 is 6' N. Faint filament points to dense nucleus. Possible fainter filament toward compact galaxy to NW.
188 VV position. Disturbance inside W arm, filament may originate there. (44)
189 Radio source near tail apparently not associated. (44)
190 Filament seems to originate from stellar image; no spectra available.
191 Acute bend in link between galaxies; plumes from stellar-like images.
192 Diffuse faint arms off both sides, spike comes from stellar companion.
193 Faint straight outer spikes, hard knots in main body. (23)
194 Outer material connected by thin filament to very hard nucleus.
195 Absorption edge on connection to nucleus.
196 Nucleus out of plane of ring! Attachment to companion.
197 Straight filament off one end of bar, kink at end of filament.
198 Spike points toward small nucleus; no spectra available.
199 Spirals appear disturbed.
200 Splash appearance on W side of galaxy points to low S.B. comp. 7' S.
201 VV connection between galaxies not seen here or on Survey prints.
202 Faint tail from smaller galaxy.
203 Faint plumes coming off both ends of bar.
209 Chaotic with loops.
210 Much absorption, resolution into stars.
211 Resolution into stars. Diameter about 0'.3 x 0'.5.
212 Narrow chaotic absorption tubes across one end.
213 Faint straight absorption lanes lead toward nucleus, become triple.
214 Barred spiral, sharp nucleus, narrow absorption lanes through center. (3)(25)
215 Diffuse outer arms. (25)
216 Patches north of disturbed spiral, emission strong. (25)

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