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Table 1 (remarks)

No. Remarks

217 Much Halpha emission incl. half arc outside galaxy. (1)
219 Faint arc and filament on N side.
221 Faint diffuse material to south, bright filament to hard image on NW side of nucleus.
222 Amorphous arms. (25)
224 Straight filament leads to bright, offset nucleus. (19)
225 Very faint diffuse outer arms, absorption one side of nucleus. (25)
226 Loops, filaments at various angles.
227 Pos. of spiral.SO is E and a little N.Very faint rings extend to diameter of 7'.4.
228 Defects on blue Survey print in both VV 53 and VV 54.
229 Circular or near circular rings of small density difference.
230 Inner and outer shells visible in direction of axis only.
231 Faintest arc extends about 2' S of nucleus with absorption.
232 Absorption lane reaching away from galaxy.
233 Narrow faint absorption lane in SE direction. (27)
234 Considerable resolution into stars and absorption tubes.
235 Faint outer oval and resolution into stars.
236 Faint outer arm curves around through 270°
237 Knot in arm as large, not quite as bright as nucleus.
238 VV position somewhat uncertain. Double nuclei, N nucleus has third arm.
239 Smaller galaxy is fairly symmetrical spiral.
242 Very thin, bright tail from north nucleus which has strong absorption. (15)(17)(19)
243 Some very small bright knots resolved in interior.
245 Very faint diffuse connection from both ends of N spiral to S spiral.
246 May not be physically connected.
247 Spirals have common arm, N spiral arm continues NE.
248 Three spirals connected together. (18)(44)(45)
249 Straight connection from faint material on E to middle galaxy.
251 Outside arms diffuse and bifurcate.
252 Radio source M09-19.
253 Some resolution of stars or H II regions.
254 Position of brighter galaxy, companion south.
255 Faint arm extends beyond high S.B. companion.
256 Resolution into knots. Note small ragged galaxy W of pair. Radio source M00-10 is 7'. S.
257 Galaxies joined by segment of thin arc.
258 Resolution into knots on larger galaxy. (15)
259 Material extends SE toward peculiar round spiral.
260 Possibly lines of faint condensations extending south.
261 Some condensations resolved, similar smaller galaxy appears north.
262 Some resolution into knots.
263 Diffuse outer filaments, bright knots inside.

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