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4.2 Other Galaxies

As discussed already above, for NGC 4414 I find a mean Q of about 1.15 for a ``maximum disc'' model, and about 2.30 for a ``no m = 2'' model. For NGC 2841, a preliminary analysis shows that for a ``maximum disc'' model Q appeq 1.5-1.6, so that here a ``no m = 2'' model is dynamically too hot to be acceptable. Further work on other galaxies is in progress. In all cases, spectra are taken along the minor and the major axes, since only their combination can help us disentangle the radial, azimuthal and perpendicular velocity dispersions (cf. work on NGC 488 by Gerssen et al. 1997). It is hoped that with such data, a clearer answer can be given to the question whether the disc is close to ``maximum disc'' or not.