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Interacting, Peculiar and Active Galaxies

Collection of Maps of HI in Weird Galaxies and Weird HI in Otherwise Normal Galaxies - Hibbard, J.E., van Gorkom, J.H., Rupen, M.P. & Schiminovich, D.S

Atlas and Catalogue of Interacting Galaxies [48, 275]: objects found and reproduced from POSS paper prints. Follow-up study in [68].

Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies [1, 59]: based on original large-scale reflector plates. A Catalogue of Interacting Galaxies in the Region delta < -37.5° and b < -30° by Bergvall [71] includes 369 systems of interacting galaxies, 47 distorted single galaxies and 329 normal systems.

A Catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies and Associations (Arp, Madore [2]): printed in two volumes; the first volume contains positions, descriptions, codings and cross-identifications to 6,445 extragalactic systems, while the second contains selected prints from the original IIIa-J SERC southern sky survey plates illustrating the 24 categories of peculiarity as developed by the authors.

Isodensity tracings and small-scale reproduction of 91 peculiar galaxies [244]; photographs of a magnitude-limited sample of 59 interacting galaxies and 38 isolated galaxies in a control sample [160].

Smaller lists of peculiar and interacting galaxies include [56, 248] which contain positions and selected photographs; photographs, tracings and spectra for VV galaxies and Markarian galaxies in pairs [69, 95, 96, 97]; an investigation of morphological features in 12 interacting galaxies [182a]; morphological study of 15 blue dwarf galaxies [95]. A candidate list with illustrative photographs of 22 S0 galaxies with polar rings [247].

Of course, photographic reproductions of galaxies of all types and descriptions can be found on prints and glass copies of the POSS [53] (delta > -45°) and the ESO/SRC (= Science Research Council) Sky Survey (delta < -17°).

Warm IRAS galaxies: a catalogue of AGN candidates based on IRAS colours [106]. A morphological CCD survey of 11 emission-line galaxies with compact appearance [264].

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