Illustrations Supporting Classification Schemes

The Hubble Atlas of Galaxies [38], the standard reference for galaxy illustrations, contains pictures of 176 galaxies photographed with the Hale Observatories' reflectors. This atlas also provides the definitive description of the Hubble-Sandage classification scheme (see A mini-atlas illustrating a general discussion of galaxy classification is provided by Sandage [237]. The first photographs from the Las Campanas 2.5m and 1.0m reflectors have been published [119, 240], in preparation of publication of RSA [40].

The Atlas de Galaxias Australes [41] gives photographs and isodensity tracings for 59 southern galaxies.

Elmegreen [121] presents an atlas of 54 galaxies photographically imaged in the blue and near-infrared. This atlas and other published works were then consulted in process of classifying 745 galaxies according to the continuity and symmetry of their spiral arms [122].

Image tube plates have been used for: an atlas of 41 galaxies designed to illustrate the dust distribution in galaxies [193], see also [110, 171, 270]; a survey of galactic structure underlying Seyfert galaxies [55], a survey of dwarf galaxies in the vicinity of the M81 and Local Group galaxies [131].

Color reproductions of galaxies can be found for 606 galaxies in The Color Atlas of Galaxies (Wray: [50]); but see also Malin, D., Murdin, P.: Colors of the Stars [196] and Lausten, S., Madsen, C., West, R.M.: Exploring the Southern Sky [187].

Galaxies useful for measuring the cosmological distance scale have been extensively illustrated in an Atlas of Galaxies (Sandage, A. R., Bedke, J.: [39]).

Takase, B., Kodaira, K., and Okamura, S.: [45] published an Atlas of Selected Galaxies, giving photographic reproductions and photometric analyses for over 100 galaxies imagedwith the Okayama 1.88m reflector or the Kiso 1.05m Schmidt.

Photographic prints and two-dimensional surface brightness distributions are given in a Photometric Atlas of Northern Bright Galaxies (Kodaira, K., Okamura, S., Ichikawa, S.: [24]) for 791 RSA galaxies north of delta = -25° as photographed by the Kiso Observatory 1.05 m Schmidt telescope.

A classification scheme and an illustrated atlas of Virgo Cluster dwarf galaxies [242].

See also [108, 111, 204, 205].

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