Primary Galaxy Catalogs

The following are catalogues listing galaxies as found in specialized searches or surveys of original plate material. Compilations and/or homogenized data sets are listed in the section following on Secondary Galaxy Catalogues

AM = Catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies and Associations (Arp, Madore [2]): 6,445 peculiar and interacting galaxies found on IIIa-J southern sky survey plates, types, positions and characteristic sizes, cross-identifications and selected photographs; samples are given in [60].

CGCG = Catalogue of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies(Zwicky et al. [52]:positions; magnitudes; available redshifts; m(lim) ~ 15.5 mag.; identification charts for some 31,000 northern-hemisphere galaxies.

CGPG = Catalogue of Selected Compact Galaxies and Post-Eruptive Galaxies (Zwicky [51]): positions and descriptions of over 3,700 compact and related galaxies.

CIG = KIG = Catalogue of Isolated Galaxies (Karachentseva [23]): cataloged 1,051 isolated northern-hemisphere galaxies with apparent magnitudes m < 15.7 mag; radial velocity study in [167].

CPG = KDG = Catalogue of Isolated Pairs of Galaxies (Karachentsev [21]): cataloged 603 isolated pairs of northern-hemisphere galaxies with apparent magnitudes of the components m < 15.7 mag; 332 of them show signs of interaction; follow-up radial velocity study [163].

CTG = KTG = Catalogue of Galaxies Triples (Karachentsev [22]): cataloged 84 isolated triples of northern-hemisphere galaxies with apparent magnitudes of the components m < 15.7 mag; finding charts are provided; radial velocity study in [168].

MCG = Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies (Vorontsov-Velyaminov et al. [49]): positions; rough magnitudes; diameters; inclination classes; coded descriptions; about 29,000 galaxies; m(lim) ~ 15.0 mag.

SA = Shapley-Ames Catalogue [42]: one of the earliest and most useful lists containing exclusively galaxies; rough magnitudes; sizes; positions; descriptions; 1249 galaxies; m(lim) ~ 13.0 mag.

SGC = Southern Galaxy Catalogue (Corwin, H.G., de Vaucouleurs, A, and de Vaucouleurs, G. [6]): provides precise positions, morphological types, luminosity classifications, diameters and axial ratios for 5,471 galaxies, larger than 1.5-2.0 arcmin, south of delta = -17° found on the UK Schmidt IIIa-J plates.

UGC = Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies (Nilson [35]): 12,939 galaxies delta > -2 degrees, and with diameters > 1 arcmin or m(pg) delta 14.5 mag.; diameters; position angles; magnitudes; Hubble types; luminosity classes; cross-references to MCG, NGC, IC, CGCG and other lists.

UGCA = Selected Non-UGC Galaxies (Nilson [36]): 400 late-type spirals, irregulars and dwarf systems; incremental to the UGC.

VCC = Virgo Cluster Catalog (Binggeli et al. [3]): contains listings of 2,096 galaxies in the Virgo cluster.

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