The Calan/Tololo/Michigan Surveys

The Tololo surveys [173] also use objective-prism techniques and line-emission classification criteria. The nature of the objects in the lists of [92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 174] is discussed in [16] with the conclusion that, while only about one-third of Markarian-type galaxies have sufficiently strong emission lines to be included in the Tololo listings, the latter contain about 2% Class 1 Seyferts, 10% Class 2 Seyferts, with the remainder being galaxies with emission lines produced by hot stars. 30 Seyfert 1 galaxies are the first-reported objects in the Calan/Tololo thin uv prism survey for emission-line galaxies and quasars [122]; follow-up spectra are reported in [121].

Fairall [40] has divided the narrow-line emission objects into four groups based on morphological and spectroscopic studies of 47 galaxies from the Tololo surveys. These groups comprise systems where:

(a) the entire galaxy is an emission-line source. These are generally blue ellipticals with Hbeta / lambda4959 just less than unity;

(b) the outer regions are emission-line sources. These are generally outlying H II regions in late-type spirals;

(c) only the nucleus is an emission-line source. Hbeta / lambda4959 is low and these systems appear to be related to Class 2 Seyferts;

(d) multiple systems with high H / lambda4959.

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