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6.4. Bibliography

Many of the theoretical papers mentioned in chapters 4 and 5 include also a detailed comparison with the observations. Specific references addressing topics in this chapter are:

General BLR models: Rees, Ferland and Netzer (1989, very high density models), Ferland and Persson (1989, very large U and Ncol models, the most complete discussion of the CaII lines), Krolik and Kallman (1988, line ratio dependences on continuum shape), Collin-Souffrin, Hameury and Joly (1988, thick Compton heated BLR clouds).

FeII lines: Netzer and Wills (1983, FeII line fluorescence, general FeII line calculations), Wills, Netzer and Wills (1985, more detailed FeII models and a comparison with the observations), Penston (1987, Lalpha fluorescence with FeII), Joly (1987, detailed FeII calculations for a medium which is mechanically heated), Collin-Souffrin et al. (1988, FeII lines from a Compton heated media), Dumont and Collin-Souffrin (1990, FeII lines from scattered radiation on accretion disks). Many detailed articles on FeII lines can be found in the proceedings of the 94th IAU colloquium held in 1986 (Viotti, Vittone and Friedjung editors, Reidel publishing company).

Small dense BLRs: Ferland and Rees (1988).

Energy budget and continuum slope: Netzer (1985, first presentation of the energy budget problem), Collin-Souffrin (1986, further elaboration and separation into low and high excitation lines), Ferland and Persson (1989, application to a large Ncol clouds), MacAlpine et al. (1985, determination of the Lyman continuum slope from HeII lines).

NLR models: Ferland and Osterbrock (1986).

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