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1.3. Further reading

There is a vast literature on density estimation, much of it concerned with asymptotic results not covered in any detail in this book.

Prakasa Rao's (1983) book offers a comprehensive treatment of the theoretical aspects of the subject. Journal papers providing surveys and bibliography include Rosenblatt (1971), Fryer (1977), Wertz and Schneider (1979), and Bean and Tsokos (1980). Tapia and Thompson (1978) give an interesting perspective paying particular attention to their own version of the penalized likelihood approach described in Sections 2.8 and 5.4 below. A thorough treatment, rather technical in nature, of a particular question and its ramifications is given by Devroye and Gyorfi (1985). Other texts on the subject are Wertz (1978) and Delecroix (1983). Further references relevant to specific topics will be given, as they arise, later in this book.