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C. A System in Leo

On Plate VIII two brighter and several fainter galaxies are shown which are presumably in the state of a mutual encounter. From the structural features of this group and from the jetlike extensions as well as from the enveloping clouds it appears likely that some of the matter ejected during the collision will eventually find its way into intergalactic space where it cannot any more be assigned to any specific galaxy.

Plate VIII

Plate VIII. 200-inch telescope photograph of a colliding group of galaxies located at R.A. 11h 8m 5s and Decl. +29° 2'24". Emulsion Eastman 103a-0. Exposure time 30 minutes. Scale = 1' arc.

The group shown belongs to a fairly large and medium compact cluster of galaxies for which unfortunately no values of Vs have been determined.

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