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E. NGC 3628 and Faint Extensions

On close inspection of plates taken with the 48-inch Schmidt telescope and with the 200-inch reflector it is found that very many faint extensions and faint companions of the brighter galaxies have been missed by the early investigators. As one more example of this type we sketch in the Fig. 6 some of the structural features of NGC 3628 and its very faint companion as they appear on the best plates taken with the 48-inch Schmidt telescope on very dark nights.

Figure 6

Figure 6. Sketch of NGC 3628 and of its very faint companion. R.A. 11h 17m 42s; Decl. +13° 53'. Vs = 842 km/sec (Value from Dr. N. U. MAYALL; uncorrected for solar motion). mp = +11.3.

As another striking example of a multiple galaxy with very faint interconnections and still fainter outlying matter we refer to the case of Messier 51 some of whose significant structural features have been described elsewhere (15, 21).

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