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4.7. Current Redshift Record Breakers With Lyalpha Emission or Absorption Breaks

In Table 3 we list published or otherwise secure "record redshifts" for galaxies; most have prominent Lyalpha emission lines or at least a strong Lyalpha forest absorption.

Table 3. Census of Galaxies Confirmed at z gtapprox 5

z Source Reference NB LBG ser other lens

6.578 SDFJ 132418.3 Kodaira et al. x        
6.56 HCM 6A Hu etal. x       x
6.541 SDFJ 132415.7 Kodaira et al. x        
5.869 BDF1:19 Lehnert and Bremer   x      
5.83 CDFS 5144 GOODS   x      
5.783 CDFS SBM03#3 Bunker et al. 2003   x      
5.746 LALA5 1-03 Rhoads et al. x        
5.744 BDF1:10 Lehnert and Bremer   x      
5.74 SSA22-HCMI Hu etal. x       x
5.700 LALA5 1-06 Rhoads et al. x        
5.69 LAE J1044-0130 Ajiki et al. 2002 x        
5.674 LALA5 1-5 Rhoads et al. 2002 x        
5.655 LAE J1044-0123 Taniguchi et al. x        
5.649 BDF2:19 Lehnert and Bremer   x      
5.631 HDFF 36246-1511 Dawson et al. 2001     x    
5.621 Lynx R-drop Stern et al. in prep   x     x
5.60 HDF 4-473 Weymann et al. 1998   x      
5.576 Abell 2218 lens Ellis et al. 2001     x   x
5.46 NDFWS R-drop Dey et al., in prep.   x      
5.34 HDF 3-951.0 Spinrad et al. 1998   x      
5.34 RD1 Dey et al. 1998     x    
5.190 HDFF ES1 Dawson et al. 2001     x    
5.19 TN J0924-2201 van Breugel et al. 1999       x  
5.19 ES1 Dawson et al. 2001     x    
5.186 HDFF Chandra source Barger et al. 2002       x  
5.12 A1689 lens Frye et al. 2002   x     x
5.056 BDF1:26 Lehnert et al. 2002   x      
5.018 BDF1:18 Lehnert et al. 2002   x      
4.99 Cetus R-drop Stern et al. in prep   x      

Notes on the initial discovery techniques - NB = narrow-band selected; LBG = continuum Lyman-break/Lyman-forest break selected; ser = serendipitously identified; other = selected in other manner (e.g., radio-selected, X-ray selected); lens = known gravitational lens.

We note that since 1999 astronomers have added at least 25 galaxies with z geq 5. This is an impressive and useful score; however, a more physical analysis of several aspects of the pioneering effort is now an obvious and desired second approach. Also, the morphologies of the continuum and Lyalpha lines may provide useful information on the environs of very early galactic systems. The cut-off date for entries in Table 8.3 was 2003 February.

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