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As some of you will know, I was only able to attend the conference for one day due to the death of my father, David Edge. Fewer of you will know that one of my father's many legacies is one of the cornerstones of modern astronomy, the 3rd Cambridge Radio Catalogue (3C), which was his Ph.D. thesis. He always kept a keen interest in astronomy but moved on to become a leading figure in the sociology of science. I would like to thank Keith Taylor for his help on the evening before my departure and Richard and Barbara Ellis for providing the venue. Thanks too to all my friends and colleagues who have contacted me since then.

Acknowledgements. I owe Dave Gorman thanks for providing me with a presentation format that kept the audience awake. I am grateful to all those with whom I have worked on X-ray surveys, but particular thanks go to Harald Ebeling, whose contribution to the field is unrivaled.