ISO LWS Data for NGC 4051

(1) Object: "NGC 4051"
(2) TDT: 17400919
(3) Observing Mode: L02
(4) OLP Version: 7.0
(5) Observer_id: "FCOMBES "
(6) Proposal_id: "BAR_TIDA"

Raster Positions; Epoch (J2000)
(1,1)  RA: 12h03m05.1s  Dec: +44d32m48s
(2,1)  RA: 12h03m09.1s  Dec: +44d32m06s
(3,1)  RA: 12h03m13.0s  Dec: +44d31m23s

75" LWS Pointing Overlays on DSS and Link to 1x1 degree IRAS Images

This observation has been reduced by the following steps:

  1. Estimate and remove dark current using LWS Interactive Analysis (LIA).
  2. Derive the Absolute Responsivity Correction (ARC) factors using LIA. The ARCs are derived from internal calibration flashes and scale the detector responsivities to the values measured during the LWS calibration.
  3. Remove outlying points by hand using ISAP. These points are typically caused by cosmic ray hits.
  4. Average the data across scans and scan directions using a 3-sigma "special clip" algorithm designed for LWS data found in ISAP.
  5. Write out to FITS and ASCII files.

Calibration Notes:

  1. The continuum flux may not be well determined, especially for weak sources. See the LWS Handbook and calibration notes for more information.
  2. For extended sources, NO EXTENDED SOURCE CORRECTION has been applied. See the LWS Handbook and calibration notes for more information.

Detectors Scanned during Line Observations:
Line: 0   Active Detector: 8

Reduced Spectra and Data:

Reduced data FITS file (Shift-click)      Reduced data ASCII file