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4.4. Electron-Ion Recombination

General reviews are:

1. ``Electron-ion recombination'', Flannery (1993).

2. ``Di-electronic recombination and related resonance processes'', Hahn and Lagattuta (1988).

Scaling laws for DR are discussed by McLauglin and Hahn (1991). References to works on RR and DR are given in the following recent papers.

3. Analytic fits to RR rates: Pequignot et al. (1991).

4. Ionization balance calculations with references to previous collisional ionization and RR and DR rates: Arnaud and Rothenflug (1985) and Arnaud and Raymond (1992).

5. More recent works on DR rates are: C IV (Badnell et al. 1993), C V (Kilgus et al. 1993), O II (Badnell 1992), Sq+ (q = 1-5) (Badnell 1991). The influence of external electric fields on DR is discussed in the work on C IV.

6. Unified, total rate coefficients are being calculated by Nahar and Pradhan, and are available for carbon-sequence ions: C I, N II, O III, F IV, Ne V, Mg VII, Si IX, S XI, and for C II, S I, S II, S III and Si I, SI II, SI III. These recombination rate coefficients incorporate both the RR and the DR processes in a unified manner and are consistent with the Opacity Project photoionization cross sections.