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AM 0545-520

Again in this Category, as in the preceding, one we have tried to select non-multiple galaxies, or galaxies that have a reasonable chance of being non-multiple. Some of the galaxies in this Category can have filaments or extensions, but the most prominent aspect must be a distorted or peculiar central body.

Elongated galaxies make up the first members of this Category, Page 16.1. Then the criterion shifts to that of ``clumpy irregulars'' (for a complete discussion of this term see Casini and Heidmann (1976), Heidmann (1979), and Heidmann, Klein and Wielebinski (1982)). The final two pages in this Category show examples of high-surface-brightness, irregularly shaped galaxies.

AM 1324-431 picture AM 1307-425 picture AM 2210-693 picture
AM 0351-290 picture AM 2037-550 picture AM 2125-532 picture
AM 1323-362 picture AM 2100-393 picture AM 0317-324 picture
AM 1044-451 picture AM 0454-561 picture AM 0416-501 picture
AM 1426-331 picture AM 1250-271 picture AM 0005-301 picture
AM 1908-535 picture AM 1257-291 picture AM 2213-370 picture
AM 0545-520 picture AM 1300-233 picture AM 1306-282 picture
AM 0608-340 picture AM 0337-312 picture

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