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AM 0112-323

This interesting Category contains groups of four or more galaxies which stand out in brightness and closeness as a group, and which are, at the same time, noticeably aligned. The frequency of this occurrence in the full Catalogue is reflected in the large number of illustrations we present. One interesting aspect of these chains is that many contain disturbed or peculiar galaxies. Aside from the possible physical significance of this feature, it can be used to support the physical reality of the chains since it is much less likely that peculiar galaxies could be unrelated inter-lopers from the field.

The chaining tendency which we investigate here is also apparently connected with the tendency for the Interacting Triplets through Quintets (Categories 3 through 5) to be aligned and the tendency for apparent companions of larger galaxies (Category 8) to be aligned diametrically.

The scheme for presenting this Category is to give the most striking alignments first. The first three pages show well aligned chains of peculiar, disturbed galaxies. On page 17.4 the object AM 2315-423 could be classed as a disturbed spiral with diametric companions. The succeeding pages show fairly straight alignments of varying galaxy composition. On page 17.9 the chains start to have some curvature to them. From page 17.9 through 17.18 chains are illustrated that show both increasing apparent curvature and increasing thickness of the linear structure. On page 17.12 some of the galaxies which make up the object AM 1241-402 were first discussed by Sersic (1974), and have recently been investigated by Lausten and West (1980). The object AM 0218-321 (page 17.15) was also illustrated in Category 4: Interacting Quartets. On page 17.18 there are some examples of small chains that appear to be more distant. By the end of this Category, the chains which are illustrated (page 17.24) are either very loose, or have nearby apparent members which are not aligned, thus providing a transition to Category 18: Groups.

AM 0306-231 picture AM 0112-323 picture AM 2206-280 picture
AM 2315-423 no match in NED AM 0552-332 picture AM 0224-233 picture
AM 1150-312 picture AM 0155-370 picture AM 1252-264 picture
AM 1332-331 picture AM 2201-583 picture AM 1312-365 picture
AM 0248-350 picture AM 0147-350 picture AM 0015-324 picture
AM 0414-492 picture AM 1034-423 picture AM 1723-663 picture
AM 1910-622 picture AM 0549-344 picture AM 0054-531 picture
AM 2353-605 picture AM 2300-465 picture AM 0104-421 picture
AM 0124-225 picture AM 2343-370 picture AM 1410-283 picture
AM 2349-294 picture AM 0141-353 no match in NED AM 2353-392 picture
AM 1241-402 picture AM 0623-371 picture AM 2249-403 picture
AM 0426-425 picture AM 0414-524 picture AM 1142-272 picture
AM 2347-292 picture AM 0036-391 picture AM 2355-383 picture
AM 0104-421 picture AM 0218-321 picture AM 0608-332 picture
AM 0030-782 picture AM 0310-252 picture AM 1909-562 picture
AM 2200-715 picture AM 1402-323 picture AM 0102-231 picture
AM 2336-315 picture AM 0154-372 picture AM 0105-370 no match in NED
AM 1452-372 picture AM 0608-473 picture AM 1910-543 picture
AM 0412-525 picture AM 0425-491 picture AM 0021-571 picture
AM 0438-530 picture AM 2115-484 picture AM 0414-492 picture
AM 0021-571 picture AM 2244-583 picture AM 0655-652 picture
AM 0549-345 picture AM 1909-562 picture AM 2008-565 picture

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