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AM 0320-372

These objects would not easily fit into any of the other Categories, and yet they are certainly interesting enough to note.

The first object illustrated (AM 1315-263) is a ``square'' elliptical. For whatever reason, perhaps a because of a merger or just by the coincidental superposition of the isophotes of two ellipticals, the shape of this object is apparently neither round nor elliptical; a kinematic study would be illuminating.

On page 22.2 two galaxies are shown which exhibit ``ringing'', due to concentric shells or plateaus in the light distribution. This Category was originally defined and illustrated by galaxies, No. 227 through 231, in the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies (Arp 1966). Malin and Carter (1980) subsequently drew further attention to this Category of peculiar galaxies. Fornax A (= No. 154 in the Atlas) also falls into this Category, as illustrated on page 22.2. The ``ringing'' phenomenon has been associated particularly with the giant radio source Cen A (Malin, Quinn and Graham 1983) and has been reported by Malin and Carter (1983), in a general survey of numerous other galaxies.

Page 22.3 shows two groups of faint objects (AM 1353-265 and AM 2346-731) which are probably star clusters, while AM 2351-301 is probably a very distant cluster of galaxies. The object AM 0642-645 is notable for what appears to be a triple nucleus and tail.

On page 22.4 is shown a lacy veil nebula reminiscent of the Cygnus Loop in the northern hemisphere

Finally, page 22.5 shows a lone set of reflection nebulae that illustrate our Category 21. But the picture here is extraordinary in that it shows a particularly striking group of high-surface-brightness galaxies shining through our own galaxy immediately to one side of an area of almost complete obscuration.

AM 1315-263 picture AM 0320-372 picture AM 0921-225 picture
AM 2351-301 picture AM 1353-265 picture AM 2346-731 picture
AM 0642-645 picture AM 1205-513 picture AM 0638-270 picture

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