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AM 2035-521

Members of this Category are very common in the Catalogue but we give only a small number of examples. Objects fall into the Category if the two galaxies are either relatively close for their size, with no sign of interaction, or if the galaxies are disturbed but so widely separated that it is not obvious that they are mutually responsible for the perturbation. Undoubtedly some of the latter are in fact interacting, but it would take more detailed statistical and morphological studies to determine that fraction.

On page 23.3 the object AM 2011-705 has been shown earlier under Category 1: Galaxies with Interacting Companions. It is seen here that it is a member of a wide double, the other member of which is probably also an interacting double. On page 24.5 one of the components of AM 0548-330 has a very faint ring around it, while on page 24.6 one of the components of AM 2013-470 has a very bright ring around it. The last object, AM 1210-341, could also be classified as a galaxy with an apparent companion but it is not clear to which spiral the companion belongs.

AM 2035-521 picture AM 0515-540 picture AM 1401-243 picture
AM 1212-375 picture AM 2244-614 picture AM 2011-705 picture
AM 0403-480 picture AM 2004-611 picture AM 0113-324 picture
AM 0158-343 picture AM 0159-383 picture AM 2133-451 picture
AM 1035-411 picture AM 2035-252 picture AM 0548-330 picture
AM 2013-470 picture AM 0310-314 picture AM 2316-225 picture
AM 2325-621 picture AM 2337-230 picture AM 1419-340 picture
AM 2013-470 picture AM 1212-351 picture

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