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AM 0558-754

Only obvious or conspicuous candidates for planetary nebulae were listed in this Category, and only six of the most interesting are illustrated. A variety of forms, from low to high-surface-brightness shells, with conspicuous to inconspicuous central stars, is illustrated in the present photographs. On purely morphological grounds, planetary nebulae are distinctive but not unique; there exist some high-surface-brightness spirals and pure ring galaxies which look very similar. Accordingly we have retained this Category which, pending future spectroscope study, may yield some extragalactic objects. Those planetaries already noted by Perek and Kohoutek (1967), Kohoutek (1971), Allen (1973), van den Bergh et al. (1973), Longmore (1977) and Longmore and Tritton (1980) were cross-compared, noted, and left in our final listing to shed some light on our completeness limit for rediscovering such objects. This Category of objects contribute only slightly more than one percent to the total number of objects catalogued by us. Recently, a further investigation of suspected planetary nebulae has been completed by Frederick and West (1983).

Category 25. Planetary Nebulae

AM 1322-372 picture AM 0558-754 picture AM 1718-270 not in NED/Vol I
AM 1412-531 picture AM 0914-362 picture AM 0906-694 picture

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