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AM 2212-460

Using the same criteria as in the previous Category 23: Close Pairs, we define apparent triples as three galaxies that are much closer together relative to their size than galaxies in the general field. A further criterion is that there be no obvious interactions between them. Sometimes some of the galaxies are peculiar or disturbed, and it is a matter of judgement whether their relative separation is such that they should be placed in the interacting Categories 2 and 3, or in the present apparent triple Category 24.

It is impressive to note, however, that a large fraction of these apparent triples are noticeably aligned. This would indicate that, as the closeness and similar size and brightness suggest, they are physical associations and not accidental projections. Moreover, it emphasizes the relationship of many of these close triples to the interacting triples, chains, and aligned companions which were conspicuous in earlier Categories. From page 24.4 onward the triples begin to exhibit alignment and then become very linear from page 24.5 through 24.7.

In the first plate, the high-surface-brightness spiral in AM 1238-362 has a disturbance on one edge, but the low-surface-brightness spiral does not seem to show much overall deformation. On page 24.2, the triple AM 2035-411 includes a compact galaxy and a ring galaxy. On page 24.3, the object AM 0515-541 also exhibits a very well-delineated ring and galaxy with plumes and irregular material around it. On page 24.5, the object AM 0427-475 includes NGC 1598, the spiral with the jet illustrated in Category 7, as well as NGC 1595 and the ``Carafe'' galaxy. In object AM 1056-430 one of the three aligned spirals has a very thick, bright arm plus disturbed features.

The last two pages show relatively closely spaced triples. The final page shows three aligned galaxies in contact. This photograph is from a 2.5m Las Campanas plate (CD 1185). Spectra show all three components have emission (Arp 1980, 1981).

AM 2212-460 picture AM 1238-362 picture AM 1351-261 picture
AM 0612-425 picture AM 0054-310 picture AM 0124-385 no match in NED
AM 2035-411 picture AM 0422-275 picture AM 0018-313 picture
AM 0033-324 picture AM 0034-280 picture AM 2356-244 picture
AM 0250-310 picture AM 0515-540 picture AM 0958-312 picture
AM 0824-774 picture AM 2054-322 picture AM 1146-332 picture
AM 0427-475 picture AM 1056-430 picture AM 1030-271 picture
AM 1329-325 picture AM 0546-242 picture AM 0645-264 picture
AM 1315-350 picture AM 1449-420 picture AM 0738-332 picture
AM 2033-501 picture

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