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Galaxies in this Category are more or less equal in size and show strong signs of interaction. It should be noted that while interacting doubles are by far the most numerous of any of the systems which were catalogued, they are sparsely illustrated in this photographic volume. This is because many interacting doubles are repetitive in form. The photographs illustrate cases which are felt to be representative of the various sub-categories plus a few cases which are especially interesting.

2a. E + E Interaction

AM 0052-321

Only when both of the interacting galaxies are smooth, E-like galaxies or galaxies not classifiable as spirals, are they considered to be in this sub-category. Some, but not all, of these types are at the centres of clusters and may be surrounded by extensive envelopes reminiscent of the cD phenomenon.

AM 2244-651 picture AM 1204-292 picture AM 2113-422 picture
AM 0053-374 picture AM 0052-321 picture AM 2219-234 picture
AM 2219-255 picture AM 0608-364 picture AM 0546-324 picture
AM 2228-423 picture AM 1252-300 picture AM 0041-243 no match in NED
AM 0121-351 picture

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