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8c. Galaxies with Apparent Companions which are Double

AM 0727-621

A related class to the one just discussed contains galaxies which have an apparent companion which is double. Again most of the double companions are interacting doubles. This kind of apparent companion is of interest because of the report by Sulentic, Arp and di Tullio (1978) that non-equilibrium companions are more frequent near large galaxies than they are in the general field. The sub-category of double companion is introduced here by page 8.16 where companions are shown which are just detectable as doubles. Succeeding pages show double apparent companions which are less close together. On page 8.18 the galaxy AM 0055-491 has two double companions and both pairs are almost on a line across the galaxy. On page 8.20 an interacting triple is shown near the large galaxy AM 2341-321. This object was shown also in Category 3: Interacting Triples. The final member of this sub-category is shown on page 8.21; the picture is a 4m CTIO plate (1397A) of AM 043-472; the companion is a very disturbed interacting double, possibly triple, and the main galaxy as well may be interacting with some small nearby galaxies.

AM 0517-321 picture AM 0344-365 picture AM 2018-495 picture
AM 0555-231 picture AM 1127-351 picture AM 2036-542 picture
AM 1226-225 picture AM 0511-572 picture AM 2319-424 picture
AM 2208-251 picture AM 0055-491 picture AM 2357-404 picture
AM 0539-225 picture AM 2001-602 picture AM 0011-232 picture
AM 0408-561 picture AM 0316-543 picture AM 1857-535 picture
AM 0727-621 picture AM 2341-321 picture AM 0436-472 picture

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