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8b. Galaxies with Diametric Apparent Companions

AM 1147-383

One curious result of the present survey is the frequency with which apparent companion galaxies appeared aligned across the centre of a large galaxy. A number of the best examples are shown on pages 8.8 through 8.11. On page 8.12 the alignments become wider-spread and on page 8.13 the alignments become less exact. It should also be noted that some examples of companions aligned across central galaxies can be found in Category 3: Interacting Triples. Category 17: Chains, also contains some good examples of diametric companions. While there may be specific physical reasons for such pairings, it is perhaps useful to remember that the human eye is especially sensitive to symmetries. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that this sub-category, like the main Categories, was defined by the data rather than being pre-ordained as an expected peculiarity. The statistical significance of these alignments can and should be tested.

On page 8.14 there starts a very interesting sub-group of diametric companions, where a companion on one end of the line is double, usually visibly interacting. Object AM 1207-334 on page 8.15 has double companions on both ends of the line.

AM 2137-424 picture AM 1303-340 picture AM 0135-624 picture
AM 1259-272 picture AM 0409-460 picture AM 2154-572 picture
AM 1254-321 picture AM 2302-502 picture AM 1921-534 picture
AM 0311-255 picture AM 1147-383 picture AM 1002-310 picture
AM 0407-485 picture AM 2230-273 picture AM 1317-470 picture
AM 0036-243 picture AM 1403-340 picture AM 0111-325 picture
AM 0124-232 picture AM 0314-631 picture AM 1001-272 picture
AM 2343-575 picture AM 2139-525 picture AM 0244-271 picture
AM 0218-335 picture AM 2313-222 picture AM 2024-471 picture
AM 0527-421 picture AM 1208-334 picture AM 1031-271 picture
AM 1324-375 picture AM 1255-455 picture AM 0034-283 picture

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