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2.1 Working Definitions

The following definitions have been in wide use, and are adopted for the purpose of this debate:

Lir: L(8-1000 µm)
ULIG: Lir geq 1012 Lsun (1)
``warm'': f25 / f60 > 0.2 (as originally defined by de Grijp et al. 1985; also Low et al. 1998, Sanders et al. 1988b)
AGN: A compact nuclear region producing energy by non-stellar processes. Also, a strong ``broad-line region" (BLR) with doppler motions > 2000 km s-1 (HWHM) from gas in a region < 1 pc in diameter.
RQQSO: radio-quiet quasi-stellar object (L20cm / L1µm ltapprox 10-5)

1 Lir geq 1012 Lsun is equivalent to the minimum bolometric luminosity of a QSO, i.e. MB -22.3 - which is equivalent to MB < -23 (Schmidt & Green 1983) corrected for H0 = 75 km s-1 Mpc-1, q0 = 0 - and a bolometric correction for QSOs of ~ 11.8 x nu Lnu (0.43 µm) (e.g. Elvis et al. 1994; see also Sanders & Mirabel 1996).