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6.3. Prospects for the lensing studies in the future

Larger area surveys for brighter samples of luminous dusty galaxies using the array of forthcoming ground-based, air- and space-borne instruments, including BOLOCAM, BLAST, SOFIA, SCUBA-II, SIRTF, Herschel and Planck Surveyor (see Table 2), should be subject to an enhanced magnification bias. High-resolution follow-up observations using ALMA should then yield a large sample of strongly magnified high-redshift lensed systems to complement the systematically selected CLASS sample of gravitational lensed AGN identified at radio wavelengths (Rusin, 2001). These surveys will not be subject to any extinction bias due to absorption by dust in the lensing galaxies, and should yield a very complete and reliable catalog of up to several thousand lenses (Blain, 1998).