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The observed anisotropy of the CMB has an angular power spectrum that is in excellent agreement with the predictions of the LambdaCDM model. But the CMB angular power spectrum is also consistent with an Einstein-de Sitter model having Omegam = 1 and a low value of H0 approx 40 km s-1 Mpc-1. The observed lack of the expected correlation between the CMB and LSS due to the late integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect in LambdaCDM slightly favors the Omegam = 1 "super Sandage" CDM model (sSCDM), which, like LambdaCDM, is also consistent with the shape of the matter power spectrum P(k) and the baryon fraction in clusters of galaxies. But sSCDM disagrees with the actual measurements of H0 and with the supernova data for an accelerating Universe. Thus, LambdaCDM is the overall best fit, but further efforts to confirm the CMB-LSS correlation should be encouraged.