Radial Velocity Constrained Cone Searches

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Direction of Search

Object Name or Equatorial J2000 Position

When directed towards an object, you may leave the
Radial Velocity field, in the Center of Search section
below, blank and the search will default to use the
object's preferred radial velocity, if available.

Acceptable position formats
Sexagesimal:     03h18m16.05s  -66d29m53.7s
                 03:18:16.05   -66:29:53.7 
                 03 18 16.05   -66 29 53.7 
Decimal degrees: 49.566875     -66.498250

Center of Search

For nearby (low-velocity) objects, distances calculated from the Hubble constant become
compromised by peculiar velocities and large scale flows. Thus, for objects with apparent
velocities less than 3,000 km/s users are requested to input a Metric Distance to the center
of search. This defines the opening angle of the search cone, scaled to the maximum search
radius of 10 Mpc at the input distance. In addition, a user-defined Radial Velocity will
recenter the ± 5,000 km/s velocity cuts, over-riding the NED redshift. Inputting a redshift
will take precedence over all NED values.

Radial Velocity
Minimum 0 km/s

Cosmology Parameters
Ho    Ωmatter    Ωvacuum
Metric Distance
Minimum 10 Mpc
Maximum 150 Mpc
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