December 2023 Release Highlights

Database and Software Updates

  • This is the first release based on a major reworking of the NED data system, including recent updates to equipment, network, database structure, query software, and the user interface (UI).
  • In addition to many upgrades "under the hood", the UI provides streamlined results including more compact data presentations and improvements to column labeling for Coordinates, Redshifts, and Diameters (more in progress).
  • The Overview tab of an object search result displays the mean Redshift-independent Distance and dispersion.
  • In the Redshifts tab, the detection technique and methods are now presented in the bottom table of individual redshift measurements.

User Survey

  • We wish to thank everyone who participated in the 2023 NED User Survey (Oct 18 to Dec 4). The valuable feedback provided deepens our understanding of the evolving needs of the community as we continue to expand NED's holdings and science functionality.

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Before submission of your next journal article, please support Open Science and help streamline integration of data from your publications into NED by referring to Best Practices for Data Publication in the Astronomical Literature (Chen et al. 2022).